E3 series MODULES

If you want;

  • The latest in Electrical CAD software for your electrical engineering designs. with a long-term development strategy,
  • Object-oriented design with the security of online checks,
  • The ability to begin anywhere in your electrical design workflow,
  • To work online, on the same project, simultaneously with other users,
  • Easy operation under Windows® yet optimized for electrical engineering,
  • To generate intelligent fluid schematics for hydraulic and pneumatic systems,
  • To design cables and harnesses in E-CAD,
  • To reduce production wiring costs with preassembled cable modules,
  • To integrate E-CAD with ERP, PDM and other systems directly through a COM interface,

then let us introduce you to the e3-series-iconseries


Object-oriented Architecture

The e3-series-iconseries is based upon an object-oriented database with all modules feeding back to a single data structure. There is no data transfer between the individual modules, ensuring that errors are avoided while increasing the quality of the results and ensuring any necessary changes are made efficiently.


The bi-directional programming interface permits access to the object-oriented database. Integrated interfaces make it possible to import and export DXF/DWG, TIFF, GIF, JPG, PDF, DGN, CGM and VRML, STEP AP-214 data. e3-series-iconseries accepts data from other ECAD systems and is easy to integrate into your existing design environment, with PDM, ERP or 3D M-CAD systems.


The multi-user option of e3-series-iconseries Enterprise makes simultaneous engineering possible, significantly reducing the lead time of your project.

Variable Definition

You do not have to draw similar projects over and over. If necessary you can define the subprojects of your project as variants and activate the relevant parts. Or you can turn the same project into another project with a few clicks of different options.

Complete design from circuit diagrams to terminal plans and BOMs. Object-oriented technology and online verification provide design tools in the  areas of electrical engineering, hydraulics and pneumatics.

• Circuit schematics for electrical engineering
• Hydraulics and pneumatics
• Logic and electrical checks
• Online terminal plans
• Online bill of materials
• Automatic connections


All the following functions are available in the e3-series-iconseries Schematic Module

  • Windows® operating system (supports Vista and Windows 7)
  • “Drag & Drop” functionality
  • 256 user-defined layers for each object type
  • Make inquiries for signs, texts, cross references, symbols and components
  • Online help
  • The ability to customize the color representation of the design environment (such as the measurement lines of the connection lines, cable cross section, signal type).
  • DIN, ANSI, JIC, IEC representations of the drawing
  • EXF, DXF, DWG standard interfaces
  • Bi-directional COM interface
  • Icon-based selection of symbols and components for “Find and Replace” operations
  • Freely definable signal qualities (such as wire numbers)
  • Freely definable guide and text sizes, characters and line fonts
  • Read, Write, Copy, Paste, Delete, Rotate, Mirror operations in drawings and areas
  • Strong switching capacity for symbols and components
  • Freely definable documentation (BOMs, Terminal Plans, Cable / Wire Lists, etc.)
  • Online Terminal Plan
  • Customizable object oriented user interface, Dynamic enlargement and reduction, fit to page
  • Terminal plan reflected immediately in schematic changes
  • Managing large-scale design
  • OLE connection to other applications
  • Supporting documentation attachments such as Word and Excel documents
  • Object oriented data
  • Visual Basic Interface
  • User defined customer letterhead formats design
  • Online cross-references for components signaling and components in the rendered pages
  • On-line control of design rules such as short circuit, multiple symbol assignment and overloading of compounds
  • Identifiable components with customizable symbol associations
  • Metric & English units
  • Strong symbol library
  • Powerful component library


e3-series-iconpanel is fully integrated in e3-series-iconschematic and e3-series-iconcable and the complete solution for placing and wiring components in panels and on mounting plates alternatively in 2D and 3D.

e3-series-iconpanel contains all information about the schematic data and as a result of the object-oriented data structure the modifications can be implemented immediately. Modifications to the panel layout and wiring are automatically updated in the schematic. The optional routing module calculates all routing pathways and wire lengths automatically. In doing so, these specifications are considered using signal classes. e3-series-iconpanel outputs wiring lists with the exact routing pathways and wire lengths as well as additional attributes necessary for production.


e3-series-iconseries special functionality in panel

  • Completely integrated in Windows® environment
  • Drag & Drop
  • 256 object-related display levels
  • Search mechanisms for symbols, devices, connections, texts and attributes…
  • Context-sensitive Online Help
  • Object-oriented user interface with possibility to directly integrate in other applications
  • Display drawings using different norms (DIN, ANSI, JIC)
  • Supports standard formats like STEP, DXF/DWG, SVG, PDF, pixel graphics
  • Bidirectional API (COM/DCOM Standard)
  • Extensive functionality for exchanging symbols and components
  • Connections through jumpers
  • Specify signal class for controlling the routing
  • Save, load, copy, rotate and mirror drawings and areas
  • Object and text hyperlinks also within E³.series projects
  • Freely definable documentation (e.g. BOM, Terminal Plans, Connector Plans, Cable Core Plans)
  • Object and text hyperlinks also within E³.series projects
  • Dynamic zooming and panning
  • Specify signal class for controlling the routing
  • Optionally work in 2D or 3D, switch by pressing a button
  • Diğer uygulamalara OLE bağlantısı
  • Supports any sheet format, e.g. DIN, Ladder, special formats
  • Integrated database editor
  • User-defined grid sizes, fonts and line types
  • Online cross-references for connections and devices
  • Continuous verification of adherence to manufacturing specifications, such as multiple assignment of symbols and overcrowding of components
  • User-defined connection attributes


e3-series-iconcable is ideally suited for industries developing power and control harnesses for the automotive, off-highway and special purpose vehicle, and aerospace industries, or those developing field cabling for plant and machinery.
e3-series-iconcable supports multi-view functionality; devices and cables detailed in the schematic can also be shown in a documentation view with manufacturing data added. Modifications carried out anywhere in the design are automatically updated in all other views.
e3-series-iconcable is integrated with 3D drawing programs and has comprehensive analysis capabilities. When working with 3D harness design systems, it calculates cable and wire lengths and controls bend radius.
The program supports multiple languages and all Windows® fonts. With a simple operation, any text can be displayed on the desired side. At the same time, Asian characters are available with UNICODE. With 10 user interfaces available on the ground, e3-series-iconCable is used by engineers in many countries around the world in their native language.

• Documentation of cables and cable installations
• Verification of connector pairs and pins.
• Numerous images of cable design, production and services
• Interface with 3D M-CAD system



Standard Functionality in e3-series-iconcable

  • Completely integrated in Windows® environment
  • Drag & Drop
  • Context-sensitive Online Help
  • Create block diagrams
  • Configurable user interface and toolbars
  • Structuring of cable assemblies and cable bundles
  • Define connector pin terminals and cross-section checks
  • Predefined functional assemblies in the library
  • Object and text hyperlinks also within e3-series-iconseries projects





For manufacturing of harnesses, the e3-series-iconformboard option
offers additional functions to create a scaled 1:1 drawing of a
harness. The formboard drawing is a view of the cables and
harnesses defined in the schematic drawing.

• Manufacturing length definition on any segment
• Automatic segment adjustment
• Predefined adjustment direction
• Dynamic connector tables
• Easy rotation of branches
• Wire assignment in connector tables
• Addition of cable protection (e.g. shrinking tubes) and fasteners
• Addition of nail points and branch attributes


All the following functions are available in the e3-series-iconseries Foamboard Module

  • Identification of the manufacturing time for each part
  • Automatic segment insertion
  • Default setting direction
  • Creating dynamic connector tables
  • Easy to rotate branches (automatic rotation)
  • Realization of wire assignments in connector tables
  • Cable protection (such as spiral pipes) and fasteners
  • Ability to add distribution points as add-ons
  • Formboard drawing is easy and fast drawing
  • Own symbols
  • Automatic table symbols
  • Display of non-measurable parts
  • Automatic length adjustment
  • Turning cable branches
  • Identification of non-electrical parts for BOM
  • Object oriented – always compatible
  • Formboard drawings are always true, like all e3-series-iconseries documents
  • Everything is synchronized online, no matter where the change is made



Makes it possible to design hydraulic and pneumatic systems with all the advantages of the object-oriented e3-series-iconseries functionality, either as a stand-alone module, or together with the electrical design in one complete system.

• Circuit diagrams for hydraulics and pneumatics
• Online functionality with all e3-series-iconseries modules
• Online bill of materials
• Logic checks for active error avoidance
• Enhanced graphic properties
• Symbol rotation in any angle
• Reports for production, start-up and service


All the following functions are available in the e3-series-iconseries Fluid Module

  • Windows® operating system (supports Vista and Windows 7)
  • “Drag & Drop” functionality
  • Online help
  • Design of block diagrams
  • Schematic drawings for background layouts
  • Creating a wire structure
  • Released freely definable assembly lists
  • Taking and transferring cable types
  • Component and symbol library
  • Freely definable object qualities
  • Automatic connector selection
  • Appropriate product identification
  • Easy signal and connection navigation
  • Use the same connector on different pages
  • Freely definable page formats
  • Check and update online after changes
  • Documentation graphics
  • Object-oriented user interface (copilot)
  • OLE connection to other applications
  • Supports documentation attachments such as Word and Excel documents
  • Object oriented data
  • Visual Basic interface
  • Bi-directional COM interface
  • Standard interface such as DXF, DWG, graphic images




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